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Things I've Written

Novels by T.R. Mugler

After Tomorrow (2023) *currently querying

Set in the mid 1970's, After Tomorrow echoes the desperate pleas of Cate Harrison to find closure. Concocting a plan to do what law enforcement has refused she embarks upon a dangerous obsession to identify and seek out the men she is convinced are responsible for the death of her lover, Tomorrow Atkins. Confident she has nothing left to lose, Cate's need for revenge entangles the plight of a battered woman and her baby when she grabs a loaded rifle determined to confront a man, she's certain must pay. When the altercation takes a deadly turn, Cate's world spirals out of control. Allowing her pain to twist her judgement, she throws the lives of her daughter and closest friends into a danger none of them would see coming. Yanked from the brink of destruction by her best friend during a home invasion Cate is forced to acknowledge the menace she has invited into all of their lives. When a cop turned would-be killer is shot outside her house, she learns family isn't always blood and grief cannot be ignored.

After Tomorrow weaves a tale of tragedy burnt into the edges of the women's movement. After a landmark victory in Roe, women turn their attention to a darker, more sinister cause. Lurking in plain sight and protected by the shadow of their homes, women suffered alone. The complacency of police officers and the bias of written law, Cate Harris' defense team crack the door open to expose a reality long ignored. A murder trial tests Cate's resolve as the men who assaulted her partner continue to go unpunished. Searching for the strength to face her greatest loss, she learns running from heartache itself will never free her from its pain.



Changing Tomorrow (2018) *currently querying

The female characters of Changing Tomorrow explore the distinctive relationships between women, highlighting the deep emotional ties that bind them and how it carries them forward through the  darkest of times while unilaterally lifting them up in celebration of one another.

From protests to Speak Outs, society became embroiled in the unrest of women demanding equality at a time when marriage and children were the expectation not the exception. Bringing the conversations of the present thundering from the pages of history, the women in Changing Tomorrow tell a multi-faceted account of persistence, forgiveness, redemption, and the strength of love as they navigate life in the shadows, marred by tragedy.

The late 1960's women's liberation crusade cradles countless stories of triumph and defeat, now seemingly lost in the dissonance of perceived progress. Leading the reader simultaneously forward and back through time, Changing Tomorrow recounts a timeless era of uncertainty guided by hope as we follow Tomorrow, Cate, Dottie, Clare, and Ellie into a darkness they couldn't possibly survive without one another.




Mr. Q (2011) *currently unavailable for purchase 

Set in Tacoma Washington, a local detective, Zephyr Gallagher,  finds herself blindsided by a charming and mysterious man she meets at a vineyard. Their attraction pulses loudly and like a magnetic field they can't resist the pull. She is shocked to learn he is the prime suspect in an investigation that has taken up the last year of her life, and nothing prepares her for the betrayal she feels when its discovered he is actually a federal agent working the same case.

Forced to work the case with the ATF, Zephyr will have to put aside her emotions to uncover the identity of the person giving orders in an illegal tobacco smuggling ring. When the evidence leads them to the D.A's office and a dirty cop, Zephyr soon finds a target on her back.



Against Ourselves  (2003) *currently unavailable for purchase

The subtle rise in autism culminates to unprecedented numbers, leaving one father determined to find its cause. George Butler, A research scientist, employed as an inspector for the USDA uncovers a secret no one could have foreseen. His untimely death leaves his wife, Boston alone to navigate the ruthless waters of raising a child with autism at a time when young boys on the spectrum are disappearing around them.

Packing up George's office, Boston discovers a secret that will lead her and her family down a dangerous path as they unravel a conspiracy connecting a covert government militia to the nations milk supply.