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I am an artist, my medium - words.

A word can paint the most colorful of pictures, sculpt the grandest of statues, compose the intricate and methodical connections of a symphony, choreograph the dance of a thousand stars and capture a moment in its lens that will carry it through both time and space.- trmugler


Having been born in 1968, the era is of a particular interest to me, and my writing often touches on the many tulmutuous aspects of the Women's Liberation movement as well as, women's rights, civil rights & equality overall. 


I've been writing since the 3rd grade, with my most remembered critique coming from a 6th grade teacher, Mr. Courier at Armington Elementary in Armington Illinois. After reading my 7 page story about a town of bugs that were attacked by a can of Raid and how they enlisted the help of humans to save their village, he told me "One day I will see your name on a book,Tami." This is a perfect example of 'it only takes ONE person to change another's perspective'. I am forever indebted to him.


Along with writing poetry, short stories, essays, opinion pieces and a novel (currently in query), I'm a former EMT and MLT with an emphasis in microbiology.

I also have over 13 years in direct sales, as well as 15 years in public speaking and disability advocacy.






I am a member of the Author's Guild.


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