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I am an artist, my medium - words.

A word can paint the most colorful of pictures, sculpt the grandest of statues, compose the intricate and methodical connections of a symphony, choreograph the dance of a thousand stars and capture a moment in its lens that will carry it through both time and space.- trmugler


I've been creating stories since 3 years of age. Sitting with my tea set in the soft light of dawn, constructing entire lives for my imaginary guests. A child's coping mechanism, a way to escape my reality. Articulating a toddler's desire to feel safe, I would narrate the slaying of dragons by princesses trapped in towers, giving them permission to save themselves; believing no one else would.


Having been born in 1968, the era is of a particular interest to me, and my writing often touches on the many tulmutuous aspects of the Women's Liberation movement as well as, women's rights, civil rights & equality overall. 


 My most remembered story written when young, was in the 6th grade. Mr. Courier class in Armington Elementary in Armington Illinois. A 7 page story about a town of bugs that were attacked by a can of Raid and how they enlisted the help of humans to save their village.


Along with writing poetry, short stories, essays, opinion pieces and several novels (currently in query), I'm a former EMT and MLT with an emphasis in microbiology.

I also have over 13 years in direct sales, 15 years in public speaking and over 30 years in disability advocacy.



I am a member of the Author's Guild.


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